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2018 春夏獨家與 CALVIN KLEIN - 205W39NYC 系列合作獨家櫥窗陳列,零時差接軌國際時尚。由創意總監 Raf Simons 執掌的 CALVIN KLEIN 近年來深受新世代時尚愛好者的喜愛。

CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC 2018 年春夏系列靈感來自電影、好萊塢夢工場與影像敘事,同時涵蓋了美國夢靨和所有強大的美國夢想。「這是關於美國的驚悚與美麗」Raf Simons 表示。「時尚總是嘗試隱藏恐怖和僅僅彰顯美麗。但是它們同時都是日常的一部份。這個系列是對此的喝采,對美國生活的慶賀。」驚悚片裡的英雌、英雄和反派主角。電影主角的美學符碼無窮的混合交錯,他們在 2018 CALVIN KLEIN 春夏系列被賦予了新的詮釋和頌讚。

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In 2018 ART HAUS collaborates with CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC collection in this exclusive window display and brings international fashion to us seamlessly. Since Raf Simons took the role of the brand’s Creative Director, CALVIN KLEIN has become a favorite by new generations of fashion lovers.

For CALVIN KLEIN 205W39NYC 2018 Spring-Summer collection, the inspiration came from film, Hollywood Dream Works and visual story-telling along with American horrors and American dreams. Raf Simons stated: “It’s about American horrors and beauty. “Fashion tries to hide the horror and embrace only beauty. But they are both a part of life. This collection is a celebration of that: a celebration of American life.” Thriller heroines, heroes and antiheroes. The aesthetic codes of movie protagonists are endlessly remixed, their meanings given new interpretation and celebration.

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