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2018 年秋冬 ART HAUS 與引領全球潮流的當紅精品 Thom Browne 獨家合作嶄新概念期間限定櫥窗,由 Thom Browne 紐約總部針對 ART HAUS A4 旗艦店規劃視覺設計,空運原汁原味道具呈現 Thom Browne 品牌 DNA。

此外本次更加碼特別展示 2018 秋冬 Runway 秀款,以一系列嚴謹的灰色法蘭絨演繹詮釋高級訂製服的極限輪廓,並以珍珠刺繡裝飾,或是繡線鑲嵌於法蘭絨,甚至是以「欺眼裝飾」法在法蘭絨創造出細緻的大理石紋路。陽剛的角度、婀娜的曲線,隱藏與揭示、裁縫和訂製,各種服裝的原型錯落明暗交織出衝突的和諧。

ART HAUS 首度大規模地以獨到選品眼光精彩呈現 Thom Browne 2018 秋冬男女裝服飾/配件,從正裝到休閒多樣風格吸睛話題商品,彙聚全球零時差的藝術時尚精萃傑作。

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For 2018 Fall-Winter, ART HAUS collaborates with fashion’s hottest designer - Thom Browne in bringing an exclusive limited time only window display. Thom Browne’s headquarter office in New York curates the retail space at ART HAUS flagship store at Shinkong Mitsukoshi A4 to bring the brand’s DNA directly here.

The display will also feature Thom Browne’s 2018 Fall-Winter Runway show pieces which feature a series of streamlined silhouettes that interpret haute couture through grey fennels with embellishments in pearl, thread embroideries as well as trompe-l’oeil marble prints. Masculine sharpness, feminine curves, hidden and bold elements, tailoring and cuts… all are mixed to create elements of clash and harmony. 

This is the first time ART HAUS presents Thom Browne’s 2018 Fall-Winter collection for men and women in a large scale, including numerous formal and informal styles for a more comprehensive view of the designer’s designs.

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